Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Mirror mirrror on the wall

There are several articles that have been written about how we mirror each other.  When dealing with other people, be it friends, family or random folks you come across, each person has something to show you.  Sometimes the reflection is wonderful, beautiful and loving, and sometimes not so much.  It is when the reflection causes inner turmoil you need to take a moment and figure out why.  Why is this reflection so bothersome?
I recently had this experience.  I was so irritated, aggravated, fed up and ready to throw in the towel. To make matters worse, it is Mercury Retrograde AND Aries in Full Moon.  What does that mean? It means you can only hide from your shadows for so long, you can only ignore those parts that need attention until they are thrown in your face making moments very uncomfortable.
Anyway, knowing that if I didn't do something about it I wasn't going to get the rest I so very badly craved.  I needed to figure out what I was ignoring. So what did I do?  It was simple and you can do it too.  I took a moment to meditate.  As irritated as I was, I needed a guide.  I am lucky enough to get YouTube on my television so...yup, I put in Unified Chakra Meditation in the search bar, hit play and got myself centered.  Once the meditation was over I sat quietly and asked myself, what about this situation has me off kilter?
It didn't take long for me to realize that the comments that had me acting like a wet cat being shaken in a paper bag was a reflection of my own seeds of doubt.  I thought, well, what happens with a seed?  A seed can grow and take hold and can become a beautiful thing...if it's a seed you want to grow.  This was a seed I did not want in the garden of my mind.  I plucked those suckers out.  Really, I did.  I visualized these thoughts as seeds that I then energetically pulled from my head and visualized myself tossing them into a purification fire.  When I felt all the seeds were gone, I filled the holes with Reiki energy. (Not a Reiki? That is okay, just imagine those holes filled with positive energy.) As I was Reiking my head I mentally said "I only allow positive thoughts and ideas to grow here".  After a little while I felt much better and was able to fall asleep with ease.
 Now that I have become aware of the situation I am no longer bothered by it.  Paying attention to the subtle and sometimes not so subtle cues you are given in life can help you make improvements, heal old hurts, and become the best You that You can be.  Being on a Spiritual journey is not always easy but it doesn't have to be hard either.  Read different spiritual texts, join in on group discussions, spend time with folks on the path to enlightenment, and, in time these seemingly hard and harsh lessons will get easier.

Peace be with you, always.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pietersite, how I love thee

I recently received a new shipment of stones and I really want to write about this new beauty that just arrived.  I am talking about Pietersite (pee-ter-site), also known as the Tempest Stone.
According to tempest means 1.a violent windstorm, especially one with rain, hail, or snow. 2.a violent commotion, disturbance, or tumult.  So why is Pietersite known as the Tempest Stone? The only information I could find on that aspect was pretty brief, in saying it has a connection to the storm element. If you have more information in regards to the tempest qualities, please feel free to share. This is a somewhat new discovery in the mineral kingdom, first being discovered in Africa and then again later in China.  

So I've spent the few days with this stone and have become quite enamored. Its look varies from grays and blues to golden brown shades and in some places almost clear.  It is quite beautiful really. I do not have a whole lot to report on my experiences with this stone as I've said its only been a few days, however,  I did sleep with it under my pillow.  Upon researching this stone, one of the sources says placing it under your pillow at night makes your dreams seem almost real.  For me it caused restless sleep and managed to slip all the way down into the corner of the pillow case and stay hidden until morning.  I woke up several times trying to find it so as far as almost real dreams, I don't know, I didn't get to sleep well enough to experience. Not fun.  I will have to try again some other time, maybe with it near my pillow instead.

Anyway, let move on, shall we... Pietersite helps to foster the connection between beings, removing the illusion of separateness and getting rid of other peoples beliefs and conditioning imposed on you.  I think that is so important and is probably why I am loving this stone so much.  When you can remove these beliefs and blockages that keep you from following your own truth, you can really blossom and shine!  Pietersite helps you do just that.  Get rid of that garbage and grow! 

This really neat stone also has the remarkable ability to help you remain centered in your spiritual being.  Instead of grounding you to the earth, Pietersite grounds you to your etheric body, keeping you spiritually centered if you will.  For those of you that prefer a moving meditation (yoga, playing singing bowl, etc) this stone can help you access a high state of altered awareness in a very short time.

Lastly, and I got a kick out of this tidbit of info, Pietersite is like natures bull shit detector.  It not only promotes you in living your own truth, but by linking you to the source of your own inner guidance, it helps you to recognize the truth and or lies of other peoples words.  

There is much more to learn about this stone and each individual may have different experiences.  As always you are invited to share your experience here in the comments section of this blog or by visiting my shop facebook page.  Need some Pietersite of your own? No problem, I've got them in stock, available to pick up or have shipped to you.  Just let me know.  

Thursday, July 10, 2014

It's peanut butter jelly time!

Sometimes when I have a great idea for an article I get totally hung up on the title.  I want something catchy, something that will draw you in and make you want to see what I have to say.  After all  isnt that the point of a good title?  For this post I was grasping at straws.  I know what I want to say, but 'Be Positive' or 'Love IS all you need' just werent doing it for me.  Here is where the peanut butter jelly time comes in. 
First, unless you have a peanut allergy, who doesn't love a good pb&j?  Also, I happen to have sitting  next to me a super yummy delicious milk chocolate PB&J candy bar that I recently picked up from Trader Joe's.  AAAAND I got my fried PB&J from our local Zoagies guy.  Hey, let  me tell you, if a funnel cake and a pb&j sammich had a baby, it would be that big ol puff of deliciousness I had for lunch today.  Anyway, I am in an extremely good mood right now and these pb&j delights added to my happy for the day.  I thought lets see where this goes.

Happy is the ulitmate reson for this post.  Last night I hosted a discussion at my shop about how your thoughts really do shape your reality.  If you were there last night you are probably riding this wave of happy right along with me.  I made a few really good points last night and wanted to share them, especially if you werent able to attend.

 First off, there is an invisible energy force field that surround all of us all the time.  its everywhere and is what governs the material realm.  The universe is all waves and particles of energy that conform to our beliefs.  What we expect, the judgments we make, all of that influences the physical world we perceive. Stay with me here... these particle and waves are effected by our thoughts and emotions (which are also energy waves).  So therefore every thought you have then has an effect on this energy field I mentioned earlier.  This field follows the energy wave YOU put out and draws back vibrations that match.  Ohhhhh, making sense now right???

Let me give an example.  Did you ever want a new car and all you could think about is this specific car, make, model, color, down to every last detail?  Did you talk about it to your friends, research it online, maybe even visit a car lot just to take a look?  And then.... did you notice it was showing up everywhere?  Everytime you drove to the grocery store, theres that dream car, take a trip to the gas staton, look , tht car again!  See where I am going with this.  This is something you do ALL the time, the trick is attracting what you WANT and not what you dont want. 

How??? It's easy.  STOP focusing on whaat you dont want.  And dont try to tell me you dont do that.  Yeah, you do and you probably dont realize it.  Everytime you complain about something, you are sending out that energy.  You are attracting what you are complaining about.  Start thinking and talking about the things that bring you joy, about the things you want in life.  Shift your focus on things that will raise your vibration instead of brining it down.  Send love to difficult situations instead of playing the victim card.  The more you do this the easier it will get.

Now I am not saying that thinking positive will keep you from having anything bad ever happen.  Thats just life, tires blow, pipes leak, shit happens... it's how you react to those things that makes a bg difference. If you want good things to happen around you, do good things, dont complain and hope things will get better.
Thinking good thoughts is one way to be happy, and it is probably the most basic way to get started.  Sending love to difficult situations and people that you don't necessarily like is super helpful too.  Face it no matter how loving you try to be there are just some folks out there that are miserable.  Don't shun them, don't ignore them, send them love and move on.  Sometimes those miserable folks are just lonely and don't know what else to do.  You never know.  When in doubt send love out.  It doesn't cost a cent and will make you feel MUCH better in return.

I hope this little article brought YOU some happiness and maybe even a way to deal with the crap that is sometimes dealt to us.  Remember, what you send out you get back.  Love and peace to you.


Saturday, July 5, 2014

Tektite is out of this world man

Really, it is, or it was.  There is still much to be learned about Tektites and their origin.  For now most theorize they are a form of glass formed by meteor impact with the earth.  They have no crystal structure and in that regard are similar to obsidian, but not associated with the volcanic process in which obsidian is formed. Their structure is unique and still needs further explanation and exploration. Hmmm, interesting. 

What I have learned so far about these "creatures", and I say creatures in a loving way, is their connection to "other worlds" and higher knowledge.  Because its origins are not of this planet, the common belief about these stones is their ability to enhance other worldly communication. What is other worldly communication? I think that is best left to the individual having the experience to decide.  After all, each persons perception of what anything is, is unique.

Despite its color, it is useful on the third eye.  I say that because typically the upper chakra stones are in the blue, purple/violet or clear range.  Tektite, when place on the third eye is said to open communication with other dimensions and is helpful for clairvoyance and telepathy. This to me makes Tektite a nice companion when trying to aquire information.  No, I dont mean in a secret spy kinda way...silly... Clairvoyance and telepathy open up whole new worlds of information to you.  Okay, so maybe if you wanted to develop these abilities you could use them in a spy like fashion but that's not cool.  Lets stick to using our "powers" for good, shall we? ;)

So I mentioned Tektite is useful on the third eye.  It is also said to balance the energy flow when placed on all the chakras.  You can carry a piece to strengthen your energy field, but keep in mind, this stone tends to draw information to you.  You may have some interesting and insightful encounters, or gain "a-ha" moments while carrying this stone.

What these stones are really useful for, especially when trying to "grow" spiritually, is gaining knowledge from your experiences in life.  Really learning your lessons, however lessening the blow of the less than wonderful experiences you've had to go through to gain that knowledge. In that way you gain the lesson but don't have to remember the pain it may have caused.

These "space rocks" have much to tell us and with some time and patience we can unlock its other worldly secrets. Have you experienced this little black beauty yet? Do you have a story you would like to share about how Tektite has worked in your life? Please feel free to share your comments and experiences below or on my shop facebook page.  Do you need a piece of Tektite to check out for yourself? No problem, I've got them in stock and they are the much more affordable than their cousin  Moldavite (which is a form of Tektite, but lets save that story for another day).  Not local to me? No problem, send me a message through my website.

Thank you for reading my posts.  I hope you find the information useful and entertaining.  Blessings to you always.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

How much is that doggie in the window? Or, tell me about Dalmation Jasper

One of the new stones that came to the shop in the last shipment is Dalmatian Jasper. Dalmatian Jasper, which is not truly jasper, is also known as Dalmatian Stone. Dalmatian Jasper is a mix of quartz & feldspar (true jasper is a form of chalcedony), with the spots being Black or Brown Tourmaline. So what does this cute little puppy do? Well, lets find out, shall we?

As part of your journey in life, you may come across many loving and wonderful people, unfortunately, you will most likely come across some not so fantastic individuals and they may have done you wrong in one way or another.  Dalmatian Jasper can ease the feeling of needing revenge on these less that stellar folks and it can also help you break down the protective barriers you have oh so lovingly placed around yourself.  As you may or may not realize, these barriers that once protected you can also keep you from your full potential, therefore its best to work on removing them.  This stones vibration helps with trust issues which is why the barriers usually stay up as long as they do.

Do you  remember what it was like when you were a child and got to play with puppies? Well if you never had that experience, imagine for a moment if you will, what a happy, playful feeling it must have been.  Dalmation Stone can bring back that childlike joy and playfulness back to your life (which can also make taking down barriers easier too...just sayin')  Bringing those playful energies back to your life also means being in a better mood, therefore I would say this is a nice stone to have when you are feeling like a sourpuss.

This stone also lets you recognize that which no longer serves you, or what you have outgrown, and allow you to let it go, such as guilt, old thought patterns and the way you look at the world. When you let go of those thoughts and patterns it will be easier to have fun, and find faith in yourself and others once again, especially with those that are close to your heart, much like the loyalty of...wait for it...a dog. Ohhh, dalmations...they are...yes, I get it now (wink)

So I had mentioned that the spots are Black or Brown Tourmaline. The energy of Black Tourmaline is spiritually grounding and aids in psychic protection. Brown Tourmaline, also known as Dravide, is also grounding by clearing and opening the Earth Chakra. It helps with community spirit and allows you to feel comfortable in a group setting. Sorta like belonging to a pack...of dogs perhaps, hmmm.

Well, I could go on and on about this stone, but I think I might save that for another day. Have you had an experience with it that I either mentioned or is different from what I've written about? Please feel free to share your experiences in the comment section below or post your story to my shop facebook page. Do you have any Dalmatian Jasper in your collection? If not, you can easily pick one up from my shop.  Not local to me? Send me a message and we can arrange to have it shipped to you.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Mercury, you spin me right round baby

Mercury Retrograde is still upon us and will be until very early July (1st or 2nd).  Some people tend to not be so fond of MR and for good reason.

photo borrowed from

If you read my post from 2013 about Mercury Retrograde you will get an understanding of why many folks would rather hide in a cave and wait it out.  But like I said in that post, it doesn't have to be that bad and this time around, at least for me, it hasn't been. Aside from a few computer glitches here and there and noticing on occasion when I am talking to someone the conversation coming from my end feels a bit awkward, its actually been nice.

Keeping in mind that when in MR we have an opportune time for things such as reflection, revisit projeccts that have been sitting undone, cleaning house (mental/emotional) and so on.

I embraced the energy of the MR phase this time around and got stuff done, and am still doing it.  It has meant hard work, going withing and facing truths I didnt want to face. Dealing with issues I would rather have ignored and told my self, 'I will get to it later' knowing damn well later never gets here. However, getting it out as uncomfortable as the process may have been was well worth it. My channels are clearer, intuition is heightened and things in my life have a better flow.

image borrowed from

I made decisions about the shop which also meant hard physical work.  I rearranged the shop (with help that I am super thankful for,(check out my Collective We post), got rid of clutter and ended up with an even more beautiful shop with a better flow.  

image borrowed from huffington post and an article about going with the flow, check it out here

So now let me ask you this, the point of this post, how YOU are making out?  Are you taking this time to reflect? Are you being proactive and getting things done you have been putting off? Are you using this energy wisely?  If not, that is okay too.  It's your life after all and you ultimately decide what to do with it.

Anyway, please feel free to comment and share how you get through MR phases.  Life is so much more enjoyable when we help each other out.  Reading about our experiences and sharing what we do can be more helpful that you may realize.  Thank you for taking the time to read my story, and if you felt so inclined, sharing yours.


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Criss Cross Apple Sauce...what? This lady is crazy...

How did you like that title? Did it get your attention? Good, then it did its job, lets move on.

So, for those of you that know me, I am a total crystal geek and hands down, the crystal section is my favorite part of my store.
For those of you that don't know me, congratulations, you have now been brought up to speed.  :)

Anyway, because I love crystals so much, that is the section that grows the most around here.  Every time I put in an order for stones I try to add at least two or more new varieties to the mix, which brings me to the point of today's article.  Chiastolite, or the Cross Stone.

Ohhh, now the title is making a little more sense. :)

Chiastoite, which like I said is known as the Cross Stone, and is also known as Andalusite (but is a little different) and is a totally new stone to me and the collection here at A Moment of Zen.  Lets learn about it together shall we?

From what my research is telling me, this little cutie packs quite a powerful protective punch! It was used by the ancients to ward off ill wishes and curses (kinda sounds like the evil eye, doesnt it), and carries with it a highly protective vibration. This type of protection is good when venturing out of the body or doing any kind of psychic activity.

Because of this high vibration, it is excellent to pair with other high vibrational stones (ex; Herkimer diamonds, Moldavite, Super Seven, Pink Danburite) to give you that boost into the higher spiritual realms. This enables you to learn about the Akashic records, and flying as high as a kite (wink wink) while remaining grounded.  Sounds contradictory, I know, but what it is doing is stimulating both the base and crown chakras simultaneously. Pretty neat huh.

Mentally, Chastolite is a good stone to keep on hand to help combat stress.  Because it has a very friendly (yet powerful) vibration, it is also good to help with anxiety and depression.  Almost like having a friend comforting you. Not too shabby for a "rock".

I have yet to take some time to check out Chiastolite for myself since it just came in yesterday. I am looking forward to exploring what other magical and mysterious properies it has hidden within.

Have you experienced this stone? Let me know what it was like for you.  Share your experience by commenting on this blog or going to my facebook page and telling your story there. Need a piece of Chiastolite to explore for yourself? Come on down to A Moment of Zen in Salem, NJ and get one, they are quite affordable!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Collective We and a Thank You

The collective 'We'? Huh?

For the most part, I, Eden, run A Moment of Zen by myself.  I spend most days here on my own doing the daily store activities and coming up with new ideas and dreams for the shop.  Okay, so what?  What is the point?  Why am I writing any of this? Well, I wanted to take a moment and mention the collective 'We' and offer some clarification and insight.

So who is this 'We' I keep mentioning? I've said it a few times in this article, and almost every time I post on facebook, twitter, google+, etc... Who on earth am I talking about and why should you care?  Well, if you are reading this, you are most likely part of the collective 'We' that helps make A Moment of Zen what it is.  This mysterious group of individuals consists of many. Whether it is someone that has volunteered their time in the shop as an associate, or someone that helped me move things around, you are part of the 'We'.  Although not a permanat member of my team, or holding any financial interest or claims to this business, you have been instrumental in making this place what it is and continues to be.  If you made some awesome graphics, offered advice on product placement, helped me find this location, or just plain ol took out my trash, you helped. 

If you are still reading and wondering again, why should I care? Why is she writing this?  To get down to the nitty gritty, it is to say thank you.  Whether you were here for a while or a fleeting moment, your presence made a difference.  Some interactions were amazing and some were harsh lessons, but none the less they sculpted this business and continue to help it grow.

If you are a customer and have done nothing more that browse and shop, don't think even for a second that you are ever unappreciated. Although not necessarily a part of this 'We' (though some of you are), you are the life blood of any business and to not acknowledge you is an invitation to failure.  All my customers are valued with high regard. I thank you and appreciate you more than you ever will know. 

So to wrap it up, yes, I am the sole owner and operator of A Moment of Zen, but, with lots of behind the scenes wonderful folks, sharing their time and energy to help make this place possible. For that I am eternally thankful.