Thursday, September 3, 2015

Keep calm and vibe on...

I recently returned home from one of the most amazing weekends of my life.  Nestled in the quaint town of Old Fort, NC is a beautiful piece of property called Camp Grier.  This is where the magic was happening folks.  A beautiful group of people put together their 4th annual life changing event called 3 days of light. It even says in the promotional material that "one event really can change your life"... I felt the changes begin in the days before my arrival there. Let me tell you... it really did change my life! If you are looking for soulful connections and having profound spiritual experiences, then go to this event when it comes back around next year. 

I already consider myself to be a spiritual being, on the awakened path, continuously seeking to raise my vibration and to help others along their way. In order to be of service to others we must also be of service to ourselves.  What does that mean?  It means taking energetic responsibility for yourself.  Doing what is right, not because you will gain something from it, but because it is the right thing to do for all involved.  Gaining something is a bonus but having a positive impact to those around you, that is the real prize.

I had more than one reason for attending this event.  I was there representing my business, holding a  vendor space sharing the goodies I had in an energetic exchange for money.  I was there making connections (spiritual, friendship & business), and participating in some of the workshops being held.  I truly came out of this a changed person. Experiencing so much love and positive energy, even if all I did was sit in my booth I would still have left feeling a difference.

So, what does this have to do with anything and why am I rambling on? The point is, on the journey home and in the days following, I processed all that has happened (and I am still processing).  Even in my state of bliss, I am still aware of the "real life troubles" that are around.  There may still be folks that say or do things that one may view as annoying, or irritating.  There may still be things that threaten to take me out of my blissful state where I might want to shout out "go *bleep* yourself", but that would be totally harsh and accomplish nothing positive.  If anything, it would add to the lower frequencies I am trying to move away from. 

In a recent conversation I had with my mate, I said to him, "you know when we argue and we want to say 'go *bleep* yourself '(either to each other or someone else), why don't we start a new phrase, a new higher vibrational way to say 'hey, I do not like what is going on' but has a higher frequency than the expletives we are so used to spewing out".  So this is when the new phrase was born.  That phrase, and please feel free to use it, is "go awaken yourself".  It is perfect!  AND it is a reminder to the person saying too to keep your vibes up. 

I can not speak for all enlightened beings on this planet but I can safely guess that there are plenty of awakened folks out there that might lose their cool from time to time.  How nice would it be to hear "go awaken yourself" instead of the crass alternative? 

Does saying something in a fit of anger make you any less awakened?  No, not necessarily.  Most of us are programmed to be reactionary.  To act first then think about it later.  Part of the awakening process is learning to think first, then take a calmer reaction, if you would even call it a reaction at that point.  However, for those times of weakness, when the moment gets intense and you want to tell someone to shove it where the sun don't shine, try saying "go awaken yourself" instead.

See what happens.  Check out if the energy shifts, if the situation is then suddenly diffused.  Of course if this is said to an already awakened person, it might end up causing unexpected laughter at the reminder of how silly it was to be that "pissed off" in the first place.  Who knows.  Maybe it will catch on, maybe it wont, but if anything it gives you something to think about.  Words are powerful, they are energy and need to be used carefully and lovingly, so why not say something that is a gentle reminder to bring your vibes up.  Give it a try and let me know how it works.

Much love to you!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

EVERYTHING is energy

If you've ever had a conversation with me, then chances are at some point I have mentioned that everything is energy.  EVERYTHING.  Some of you "got it" and some looked at me like I was a loon but smiled with polite courtesy.  My friend Vinnie Straub posted something on facebook that addressed this energy topic.  I am copy & pasting his post just as I found it so proper credit can be given. 

For those of you that already "get it", it's a nice refresher, for those of you still struggling to understand that everything is energy, this article might be helpful for you.  Enjoy!

EVERYTHING is energy.
Science shows that everything is made up of energy. The same energy that composes you is the same that composes me, your parents, your daughter, someone living in another country, the bricks of houses, trees, rocks, everything.
We are all made up of atoms but you can go deeper than atoms and find that atoms are made of nothing but pure energy.
Just like televisions and cell phones convert energy into sights and sounds, your brain converts this energy into the sights and sounds of your reality.
Since everything is energy, there is no distinction where this energy begins and ends. Therefore we are all one.
Everything and everyone are one. But that does not mean you are not unique. You are like a wave in the ocean. You are the individual wave but you are also the entire ocean. Everything you do affects everyone and everything.
There is what is called the “collective unconscious”. You can kind of consider it a library of information containing everything knowable. Here is the incredible part. You have access to that collective unconscious. We access it all the time but many times are unaware that we are doing it. What this basically means is if one person knows it then be assured, without a doubt, that information is available to you. If one person can do something then so can you.
All the thoughts that go through your head in a day and everything that you are thinking and feeling are not you. Notice that you can observe your thoughts. You can notice your thoughts. But that which is being observed can’t be that which is doing the observing. If you are observing something, the thing you are observing is not you.
If you observe a dog, the dog is not you. If you observe a house, the house is not you. If you observe your thoughts, your thoughts are not you.
The true you is that which is doing the observing. That is your higher self.
I know that is hard to grasp at first.
But what you need to do is learn to quiet your thoughts and quiet your mind. Try and clear you mind of all thoughts.
That is very hard to do.
Just sit still and try to eliminate all thoughts.
You will notice that thoughts keep popping into your head. The secret is to just observe the thoughts, don’t judge them, don’t fight them, just experience them and let them pass.
The ultimate goal is to completely quiet your mind. Again this is very hard to do at first. The thoughts will want to keep coming and coming.
As you do this more often, it will get easier and easier to quiet your mind.
As you do this you are drawing yourself into what is known as the NOW. You are bringing yourself closer and closer to your higher self we talked about earlier.
The benefits of your higher self are unlimited. You will begin to learn that as you access your higher self there is nothing you can’t do be or have.
You are in this world to create. We are all creators. You are here to create your world anyway your want.
Consider this quote from a very good author Neale Donald Walsch who wrote books called “Conversations with God.”
“The deepest secret is that life is not a process of discovery, but a process of creation. You are not discovering yourself, but creating yourself anew. Seek therefore, not to find out Who You Are, but seek to determine Who You Want To Be.” – Neale Donald Walsch
Paradigm Shift is here

You can visit Vinnie at his website by clicking here or join in on his facebook campaign to share smiles by clicking here.