Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pietersite, how I love thee

I recently received a new shipment of stones and I really want to write about this new beauty that just arrived.  I am talking about Pietersite (pee-ter-site), also known as the Tempest Stone.
According to dictionary.com tempest means 1.a violent windstorm, especially one with rain, hail, or snow. 2.a violent commotion, disturbance, or tumult.  So why is Pietersite known as the Tempest Stone? The only information I could find on that aspect was pretty brief, in saying it has a connection to the storm element. If you have more information in regards to the tempest qualities, please feel free to share. This is a somewhat new discovery in the mineral kingdom, first being discovered in Africa and then again later in China.  

So I've spent the few days with this stone and have become quite enamored. Its look varies from grays and blues to golden brown shades and in some places almost clear.  It is quite beautiful really. I do not have a whole lot to report on my experiences with this stone as I've said its only been a few days, however,  I did sleep with it under my pillow.  Upon researching this stone, one of the sources says placing it under your pillow at night makes your dreams seem almost real.  For me it caused restless sleep and managed to slip all the way down into the corner of the pillow case and stay hidden until morning.  I woke up several times trying to find it so as far as almost real dreams, I don't know, I didn't get to sleep well enough to experience. Not fun.  I will have to try again some other time, maybe with it near my pillow instead.

Anyway, let move on, shall we... Pietersite helps to foster the connection between beings, removing the illusion of separateness and getting rid of other peoples beliefs and conditioning imposed on you.  I think that is so important and is probably why I am loving this stone so much.  When you can remove these beliefs and blockages that keep you from following your own truth, you can really blossom and shine!  Pietersite helps you do just that.  Get rid of that garbage and grow! 

This really neat stone also has the remarkable ability to help you remain centered in your spiritual being.  Instead of grounding you to the earth, Pietersite grounds you to your etheric body, keeping you spiritually centered if you will.  For those of you that prefer a moving meditation (yoga, playing singing bowl, etc) this stone can help you access a high state of altered awareness in a very short time.

Lastly, and I got a kick out of this tidbit of info, Pietersite is like natures bull shit detector.  It not only promotes you in living your own truth, but by linking you to the source of your own inner guidance, it helps you to recognize the truth and or lies of other peoples words.  

There is much more to learn about this stone and each individual may have different experiences.  As always you are invited to share your experience here in the comments section of this blog or by visiting my shop facebook page.  Need some Pietersite of your own? No problem, I've got them in stock, available to pick up or have shipped to you.  Just let me know.