Wednesday, June 28, 2017

How your focus shapes your reality

First off let me say DANG, it has been a while since I have posted.  Between running the shop, creating videos (I made a Youtube channel) and being a mom, this poor little ol page got neglected. 

I decided that TODAY I was actually going to give this blog the attention it deserves.  TODAY I am going to talk about what you focus on shapes your life.  This is also going to serve as a great little place to plug one of my videos.  Yay!

Okay so I gotta tell ya, I LOVE Abraham-Hicks material.  If you are not familiar, I suggest you check it out.  The easy way is to go on YouTube and search for Abraham Hicks and start there.  Many of the discussions I have on a daily basis in my shop and in my videos are based off of the A-H Law of Attraction teachings.  The reason why I love it so much is it has helped me transform my life.  When I find something that I love AND get results from, I feel like I have to shout about it from the roof tops. 

So lets get to the topic at hand and chat about how you are creating your reality.  If you are not familiar with the Law of Attraction, it simply states, what you focus on is what persists.  With that understanding, the things you give your attention to are the things you get the most of.  Watch this video for a quick explanation.

Your thoughts matter.  Where you choose to put your attention and energy to, matters.  You can choose to find things to appreciate or you can choose to find things to complain about.  When you start practicing appreciation, noticing all the good in your life, more good things and things to appreciate show up. You can shift your focus from negative aspects to positive ones at any time.  It just take a little practice.

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