Thursday, December 15, 2016

What's the deal with all these rocks???

It is no secret that I love crystals… I mean come on… have you been in the shop lately? To say I have an obsession with crystals might be putting it mildly! Anyway, we all can see the beauty of these natural wonders, but can you feel it?  Yes? Great! No? That’s okay too.  
Eden & Chevron Amethyst

Sooo... In case you didn’t know, we live in a vibrational universe, which means that everything is a vibration, including you and me.  Yup.  There is not a single thing that isn’t a vibration and everything has its own frequency, including crystals.  We, as in humans, have a vibrational frequency too, but it's pretty unstable.  It’s not a bad thing this instability of ours.  If we were at a constant vibration we would never be able to experience higher vibrations, you know, those good feeling moments in life (or lower vibes that let us know we would like something better).  We would always feel the same no matter what.  Anyway, because of our instability we are also able to entrain with other energies.  In other words, we can change or blend our energies with other frequencies around us.  For example; did you ever go in to a room where there was just a major argument?  I mean really intense angry energy flying around? You can feel it. If you hang out there long enough you have the potential to shift your energy into that frequency.  Yuck.  On the other side of the coin, did you ever go into a room that was serene and calm? Chances are if you hung out there long enough you would feel the effects of that too. 
10' case full of crystals

So what does all this have to do with crystals?  Welllllll crystals have a nice stable energy frequency that they are constantly emitting.  Just having a crystal in your energy field will have a stabilizing effect (that’s pretty much how they work for us).  Put enough of them in a space (oh say like at my shop) and wow, you have some really nice feeling vibes going on!  Now does that mean you need to have umpteen million crystals lying around your house in order to make it feel nice?  No, but it would be interesting to experience I suppose.  In all actuality, you need only what you FEEL you need.  It could be a handful of tumbled stones all the way to a full on collection of every variety you could find.  It really is up to you, your own energy frequency and desire. 

Whether you believe in the ‘power of crystals’ or think they are just pretty rocks, either way it is having a positive effect and that right there is reason enough to have them. 

Would you like more information on crystals and how they can be of benefit?  Keep an eye on the shop facebook page for information on upcoming workshops.

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